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Ativa Rafting and Adventures is considered as one of the most qualified companies in Brazil concerning eco-tourism and adventure. The company was the pioneer to deploy  Rafting in Santa Catarina and in the Northeast coastline of Brazil.

She offers some of the best rafting in the country, plus other options such as abseiling, canyoning, hiking and cycling in different bases in the states of Santa Catarina, Rio de Janeiro and Bahia. She is committed to the sustainable development of regions, involvement of traditional communities and environmental preservation. She also offers programs for community-based tourism with settlers in Santa Catarina and also "Quilombo" communities and small farmers in Bahia. Many of these programs are unprecedented in Brazil.

  She also operates trips and expeditions in various regions of Brazil, including Amazon, Maranhão, Paraná, Foz do Iguacu, and Rio de Janeiro.

In addition to dealing with tourists, agencies and operators the company also works with schools, universities, she organized incentive travel and outdoor training which are increasingly valued by companies large and small.

As a founding member of ABETA (Brazilian Association of Entrepreneurs of Eco-tourism and Adventure Tourism) is committed herself to professionalism and ethics. Security management based on the norms of ABNT ( Brazilian Association of norms and techniques) is part of all the bases.

She received several awards for outstanding professionalism and commitment to the environment and she takes socials actions in several regions of Brazil. In partnership with Germany's social associations and private people she installed a network of piped water in a neighborhood of Itacaré - Taboquinhas, she is building a social center in the village, organizes numerous parties for poor children, she supports social assistance centers in Salvador and Rio de Janeiro as well as Capoeira Clubs and Percussion Groups in paying  instruments and uniforms.

Friend Award from Santa Catarina - State Government
Brazilian Champion of Rafting
Brazilian Vice-Champion of Rescue
Affiliated to the Brazilian Canoe Confederation
Founding Member of ABETA – Brazilian Association of Entrepreneurs of Eco-tourism and Adventure Tourism
Participant in the Integrated Routes of Eco-tourism Santa Catarina
Member of APREMAVI - Association for the Preservation of the Upper Itajaí River Valley
Member of the Brazilian Adventure Society

Our Mission

Evoke the feeling of excitement of living through activities with the elements of nature, bringing peace and happiness to its practitioners and to promote ecological awareness in a larger group of people.


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