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Abeta - Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Ecoturismo

Brazilian Adventure Society

Social Responsability

In order to respect and protect the environment and the communities with it interacts, Ativa Rafting and Adventures promotes and collaborates with numerous social and environmental initiatives since her inception.

Also in Germany, the founder was president of a local association of social and involved as environmentalist about the nature in the southern Black Forest.

This tradition continues with the company in Brazil with particular actions that benefit the environment and the fight for a fair Brazil.

Otto is a volunteer representative of the NGO in Brazil viSozial ( and the NGO IST-BB (, both committed to supporting social initiatives to reduce poverty in Brazil.



Social ResponsabilitySocial Responsability Social ResponsabilitySocial Responsability Social ResponsabilitySocial Responsability

Among the actions are:

• Water - piped water was brought to eighteen families in the community of the district Taboquinhas in Itacare, Bahia.
• Two Wheels for Abeac - buying a motorcycle to the entity ABEAC in Salvador, which cares for children and adolescents from low income families.
• A classroom for the homeless - help with material for building a room for meetings and classes of dance and capoeira in a community of homeless in the district of Ribeira, Salvador.
• Every year at least two events for children from poor communities, where they receive school supplies, toys and snacks. The last was on 12 October/2010 in the community of Itiuca (Nilo Pecanha-BA) with all 70 local children.
• A community center for Taboquinhas - most current work is the construction of a social center in the poorest area of Taboquinhas district of Itacare - BA. Already acquired the land and the building still need much help. The center will be used to provide courses of computer, english, capoeira and artcrafts, also classes about drugs, hygiene and family care. Interested to help please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
• Help the local association Favela da Babilonia in Rio de Janeiro that is reforesting the top of the hill with native trees.

The Company's social responsibility also extends to the itineraries and excursions with the objective of interaction between tourists and local community and generate additional income. With this, Ativa intends to do its part to reduce rural exodus.

• At the base of the Water´s Valley visit settlers in rural areas where there are tours and lunch.
• On the base of Itacaré we work with cocoa farmers and fishermen in the Native Experience program.
• At the base of the Dende Coast, Ativa does its activities at two "Quilombos" and farmers in the Valley of the River Rio das Almas.


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