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Taboquinhas - a city lost in time, 30 km from Itacaré. Very rich during the peak of the cocoa production, went into decline with the onset of plague “Witch Broom” (Vasoura de Bruxa). Still, it retains its old houses, narrow streets, hills and the friendliness and simplicity of the population.
In recent years become known as the adventure district due to the rapids of Contas River near the city. Rafting offers a challenging and exciting in this mighty river that narrows into a canyon and form rapids of Class III and IV.
The Ativa base is located along the river, right at the end of the rapids. A plantation of cocoa, numerous fruit trees, coconut palms, a river beach of freshwater and the Atlantic Forest trees are part of this paradise. Alongside is a small restaurant with homemade food, served in a deck with lovely views over the river, surrounded by a plantation of cocoa.
Near, on the coast, are the most beautiful beaches of Bahia, surrounding the town of Itacare.

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  •  Rafting on the Contas River
  • Abseiling in Nore Waterfall
  • Zip line to the Contas River
  • Trawl Fishing and canoeing on the Contas River
  • Cocoa farm with chocolate
  • Capoeira course
  • Walk to the beaches of Itacare
  • Complete packages with accommodations in Itacare or Taboquinhas

The base Taboquinhas follows the guidelines of true sustainable tourism. The site is fully integrated with the environment and involves local people in small groups and activities.


Location map of the baseLocation map of the base

Ativa Rafting and Adventures
Rua Pé da Pancada, s/n
CEP 45534-000 Taboquinhas / BA
Phone (+55 73) 3257-2083
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