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Paraty Angra RJ
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Base Paraty Angra

Angra dos Reis, Ilha Grande, Paraty e Ubatuba constitute the Green Coast, perfect scenery for the adventures of this Ativa Rafting and Adventures base.
Reservations and further information use the e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The activities operated by this base are:


Practiced on Mambucaba River, that crosses the Serra da Bocaina National Park, it is a special attraction for the adventurers travelling around the Green Coast. Next to the coast, it makes good rapids class II and III, ideal for beginners with clear water, amazing rain forest on the river side, surrounded by historic ruins, untouched waterfalls, mountains with peaks and rock walls.

Our base has 3 different types of rafts, a 4 man adventure racer called KR9, one 11´ and one 12´6´´  long. With this quiver we can provide a rafting according to the group and according to the river water level.
The tours goes on every day at 10am, from Parque Mambucaba, address: Rua Francisco Bezerra no number, at the Km 528 of the main road BR 101 Rio-Santos, city of Angra dos Reis right next door to the Hotel do Bosque.
Includes: transport round trip to the activity, equipment (paddles, life vest and helmets) experienced guides, safety kayak, snack, insurance and photos from a waterproof camera on
Optional transport from Paraty or Angra dos Reis under consulting.
We offer neoprene boots and wetsuits for rent..



The best waves of Paraty: Laranjeiras, Cepilho, Sono and Brava do Camburi.
According to the conditions and experience of the participants, beginners to advanced.
Paradisiac beaches always with fresh water baths.
Includes: transport, boards, rash guards, photos, slack-line, snack and insurance. 


Mountain Bike

Cycling around Paraty, starting at the center, according to the weather and experience of the participants, tours for beginners and advanced cyclers.

Trails and waterfalls.


Caiaque Oceânico

Rowing on Paraty Bay area, checking out from Jabaquara Beach, according to the weather and experience of the participants, tours for beginners and advanced.


Islands and mangroves.



From easy to hard treks to the best beaches and waterfalls of the area.



Hiking Packages, which includes: transport, accommodation, and meals.

 The Gold Trail

 Around Joatinga Peninsula 


 Ponta Negra and Mamanguá Fjord

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Ativa Rafting e Aventuras

Ativa Rafting and Aventuras
Km 528 - BR 101 - Rio Santos
Rua Rua Francisco Bezerra,  no number
Mambucaba - Angra dos Reis
Rio de Janeiro
CEP 23953-010
Fone: (24) 3371 7547
Celular: (24) 9916 0639 (vivo) ou 8117 5341 (tim)


Mapa para a base em Mambucaba

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 Base Paraty Angra

 Angra dos Reis, Ilha Grande, Paraty e Ubatuba are cityies that makes the Green Coasline. It is a special scenery, perfect to adventures for this newest base of Ativa Rafting and Adventures.

Reservations and further information use the e-mail: Este endereço de e-mail está protegido contra spambots. Você deve habilitar o JavaScript para visualizá-lo.


phone: (24) 3371 7547
mobile: (24) 9916 0639 (vivo) ou 8100 5203 (tim)


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